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Ocean Energy

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This paper discusses the generation of energy from ocean waves on the U.S. OCS.
Resource potential and technologies for capturing the energy in the waves are  discussed.  Major environmental and economic considerations that can be surmised from available literature at this time for the development of this energy resource are listed.

Produced By: Minerals Management Service, Renewable Energy and Alternale Use Program, US Department of the Interior

Original Publish Date: May 2006


This White Paper discusses the generation of energy from ocean currents on the
U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. Resource potential and technologies for capturing ocean current energy are discussed.  Major potential environmental and economic impacts associated with the technologies discussed herein have been identified from available literature.

Produced By: Minerals Management Service, Renewable Energy and Alternate Us Program, US Department of the Interior

Original Publish Date: May 2006


This white paper covers the findings of a project that compares a generic axial, fixed pitch, bi-directional, variable speed turbine generator device with a generic axial, variable pitch turbine generator device that rotates to face into the tidal flow. The principal objective is to ident ify the  circumstances and extent to which the simple bi-directional device may be competitive with the variable pitch device on a lifetime cost basis

Produced For:  DTI, UK

Produced by:  Alstom Power Limited

Original Publish Date:  February 2007

The objective of the work described herein was to undertake a major advance
in the technology of tidal current turbine design calculations, significantly
beyond the current generation of calculation methods available to the industry.
Although current calculation methods may be suitable for prototype
developments, this advance is crucially important in order that the
manufacturers are adequately equipped to tackle the complex problems
associated with the design of commercial tidal current turbines which are
reliable, structurally optimised, and cost-effective

.Produced For:  BERR - Department of Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform

Produced By:  Garrad Hassan and Partners Ltd

Original Publish Date: 2008

A detailed and standardized look at various Tidal Energy Conversion Systems (TECS) that are in development or deployment in Europe.

Prepared For:  BERR; Departmen of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Prepared By:  European Marine Energy Centre, Ltd.

Author:  Dr. Richard Swift

Original Publish Date:   2008

A feasibility study by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) investigating the techno-economics of in-stream tidal energy conversion (TISEC) and based on study results, recommends TISEC tecnology be evaluated as a potential energy supply source to diversify and balance the energy supply portfolio of North America.

Prepared by: Electric Power Research Institure

Authors: Roger Bedard - EPRI, Mirko Previsic; Brian Polagye - Univ. of Wash, George Hagerman - Virginia Tech, Andre Casavant - Devine Tarbell and Associates 

Original Publish Date: June 2006


Great postioning paper from the IPCC Scoping Conference on Renewable Energy, Lübeck, Germany, January 2008

Ocean Energy (OE) represents one of the largest renewable resources available on the planet. OE is an emerging industry that has a potential to satisfy world-wide demand for electricity, water and fuels, when coupled with secondary energy conversation principles.
OE represents a number of energy conversion principles:
- Wave energy is represented by surface and subsur-face motion of the waves;
- Hydrokinetic energy that harvests the energy of ocean currents and tides;
- Ocean thermal energy conversion uses the tempera-ture differential between cold water from the deep ocean and warm surface water;
- Osmotic energy is the pressure differential between salt and fresh water.

Authors: Hans Chr. Soerensen and Alla Weinstein

Published Date: January 2008



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